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We have to get the position information of the bus at a predetermined timing, but when the time to be displayed and the actual time is slightly different.
While we are on paying a variety of attention for information to be posted on the site, the integrity of the information, accuracy, reliability, assurance of such usefulness can not assume therefore please acknowledge it beforehand.

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In addition, the link source of content and organization, Miyagi Transportation It will not assume any responsibility. Also the content of the site is attributed to the administrator or the like of the site, and shall have nothing to do with the site.

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Content that is provided by this service, without notice, may be changed, added, or stop, please note.


Charge for this service is free of charge. However, communication fee to pay, such as the telecommunications company of the mobile terminal will be borne by the customer.


This service is,Miyagi TransportationBy have been provided free of charge. (Communication charges will be borne by the customer.) Content and defects of this service, pause, change, direct and indirect damage caused by the termination, etc., loss etc. concerning,Miyagi TransportationIt does not assume any responsibility at all.
This service is intended to reduce the increase customer convenience by providing a bus service information, but the changes in the road conditions, it is possible to get errors caused by the processing time, and the like. In addition, waiting time, because the required hour and minute is a standard that is inferred from the last service information, safety for that information, certainty, assurance of such usefulness can not assume therefore, please note. In addition the provision of information was carried out on the site, delay, change, for damages of the user who has incurred in connection with the discontinued or obsolete, etc.,Miyagi TransportationIt assumes no responsibility.
In addition, the use and viewing of this site are intended to be made in the self-responsibility of your own, were involved in the creation and public such as the Site Miyagi TransportationAnd officials, with respect to the Site any damage and its repair costs caused by access to, etc., does not take any responsibility.

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